Parts Washer Services: Offering StillClean

Parts Washer Services

Parts Washer Services: Offering StillClean

OSI provides parts washer services including solvent service on-call or as part of a regularly scheduled route. A wide variety of parts washers can be purchased or leased directly from OSI. For those customers wishing to recycle and reuse parts washer solvent, on-site OSI offers StillClean, a portable parts washer distilling unit that we created to save time and money and keep your solvent clean and ready to use.

Solvent Recycler

Why should I use StillClean to Recycle my own solvent?

The StillClean takes the dirty solvent from your parts cleaner and uses a patented, low-temperature vacuum distillation process to separate your solvent into two parts: clean, water-like solvent, and oil. The pure solvent is returned to your parts washer and the oil can be combined with your used oil.

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